Who is iGGi?

The Key objective of “iGGi” is to aid as an Administrator for your social media experience providing the unforeseen necessary safeguards. “iGGi” gives you (The Trusted Authority) the ability to authorize, negate, monitor and furthermore educate your loved ones and colleagues about their posts before they hit the world forever. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more will be easily accessible through our Application. iGGi’s goal is to ensure the prevention of unsolicited posts, acts of character defamation and cyberbullying again. iGGi will also provide a safety blanket for families in order for parents to keep tabs on their children, protecting them from themselves and others. iGGi will essentially provide “Brand Protection” for businesses, entities, and individuals looking to brand themselves as a commodity. From a Company’s standpoint, we pride ourselves on putting children first over Profits/Data Collection.

How Does iGGi Help?


Kids of today do not have the foresight to understand the gravity of what they post on social media. iGGi gives children a second chance to make a first impression.


iGGi is a creative tool that gives parents an opportunity to connect & help their children to not become a victim of social media. Even the most non-tech savvy parents can navigate the site with iGGi’s simplified process.


Pro Athletes/Celebs/Politicians/P.O.I – To keep this simple, iGGi will protect your brand’s integrity to ensure that one lapse of judgement will not cost you your jobs.careers or loss of funds due to poor social media mistakes while using our platform.

The Future

In a nutshell, iGGi provides insurance for the person that is posting to social media ensuring a prosperous future.

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